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360 West Boylston St.
West Boylston, MA 01583
Phone: (508) 852-3333
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Take Exit 4 off I-190 turn left at the off ramp. We are in the first Plaza on your left. Across from Steve's Pizza.
West Boylston/Worcester line

Kempo/Kenpo Karate, JuJitsu, Aerobic Kickboxing, Autism & ADHD Program, Physically Challenged and More!

Summer Class Schedule 2014

Begins June 2nd

Morning Class begin July 2nd

Self Defense, Confidence, Focus, Fitness, Skill, Flexibility, Self Reliance, Discipline

Find success at New Horizon Karate and gain self confidence, self defense and much MORE!

Welcome to New Horizon Karate & JuJitsu online. We serve families from all over the region. Families have come to trust New Horizon Karate & More since 1986.


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New Horizon Karate

Classes in

Karate - JuJitsu - Aerobic Kickboxing

Men - Women - Teen - Children - Juniors

Call us for a free class (508) 852-3333 or visit us at 360 West Boylston St., West Boylston, MA

Group and Private Lessons
Men, Women and Children of all ages.
Family Discount (20%) Siblings, parents & spouces

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Home Schoolers Morning and Day Classes at your convenience!
Call (508) 852-3333
Type of martial art taught. Style Age and Rank Groups
Kempo/Kenpo Karate Karate Junior Programs 4-6 yrs.
Kempo/Kenpo Karate Karate Children Programs 7-12 yrs.
Kempo/Kenpo Karate Karate Teen Karate
Kempo/Kenpo Karate Karate Adult Karate
Autism and ADHD Martial Arts Program Includes: Brain Gym and developmental movements as well as Karate and self defense. Autism Martial Arts Autism & ADHD Group
Ages (4-7), (8-13) & (Teens)
American Kempo JuJitsu, Yoshitsune & Combat JuJitsu Children JuJitsu 8-12 yrs.
American Kempo JuJitsu, Yoshitsune & Combat JuJitsu Teen JuJitsu
American Kempo JuJitsu, Yoshitsune & Combat JuJitsu Adult JuJitsu
Adult Aerobic Kickboxing Fitness Adult Aerobic Kickboxing
Yoga Fitness Wednesday 10:00 AM
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Children's Programs
Our children's programs are broken down by age and experience. Children ages 7 - 12 years and Juniors ages 4 - 6 years are in different classes. Both boys and girls attend our classes and we have adult experienced Black Belt instructors to teach them. We have many classes and the children, like the adults, can come as they want. Both children and juniors will also be in our unique Character Development Program. This program puts SAFETY FIRST and helps build confidence and focus by highlighting COURAGE to do the right thing, RESPECT to show you value others, HELPFULNESS to do your part and much more. We teach our students that success is in all of us; our job is to help them bring it out.


Adult Programs
We offer adult men and women classes in a private, friendly, professional atmosphere. Adults can learn Karate or JuJitsu from adult instructors. Class size is small and you may come days or evenings to fit your busy schedule. We also offer private lessons. Many families come to take classes where the children go to children classes and mom and dad go to the adult programs. No matter what you want to get out of our program our staff is here to serve you. No big egos, everybody works together. Create a new network of success minded people. Try our programs, we know you will like them.