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American Kempo JuJitsu
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Summer Karate Program
$99.00 for 2 Months  Free Uniform, Belt and workbook.

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Autism & ADD

New Horizon Karate & More offers a specially designed program for children with Autism, ADD and ADHD. This Martial Arts Movement Program is non-violent and structured to help students gain control over their bodies learn how to adjust to thing and people around them. It will help them socialize and develop confidence. FREE WEEK OF CLASSES.  

Teaching Self-Confidence, Self-Defense, & More!


We teach American Kempo JuJitsu. This style combines JuJitsu, Judo and Kempo Karate to control your opponent. This is a complete self defense system. No matter your size you will learn to control your opponents balance and strength with leverage to defeat them. You will learn to defend against all types of attacks. This program is for children age 8 to adults of any age.  Classes are divided by age and rank.       Free Introductory Class     

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We focus on the Self Defense & personal development aspect of karate. We have group and private classes for students from a 4 to 84. Students are grouped by age and ranks. Our Karate & Self Defense Program is easy to learn and fun. Junior classes (age 4 – 6) have 30 min classes, children classes (ages 7 – 12) are 45 min and adult & teen classes are an hour. Free Introductory Class!

Martial Arts in West Boylston, MA

New Horizon Karate & More opened in West Boylston, MA in the summer of 1986. We offer group and private instruction for men women and children from ages 4 to 84 years. We teach Kempo Karate, American Kempo JuJitsu, Tai Chi, a specialized Autism Program and more. We provide a safe fun environment where our students learn self-defense techniques and life skills that they can apply to various areas of their lives. Our classes times are flexible to meet the needs of our students and parents. You may visit our bulletin board to find out about our class schedules, holiday and events. Members may use the facilities anytime for practicing.

• Kempo/Kenpo karate (Beginner and Advanced)
• JuJitsu/Jiu Jitsu
• Tai Chi
• Autism & ADD martial arts
• Adaptive martial arts