Classes are broken down by age:

  • Jr. Kempo Kids (age 4-7)
  • Kempo Kids (age 7-11)
  • Teens

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Autism & ADD Martial Arts for Worcester County

New Horizon Karate & More offers a specially designed program for children with Autism, ADD & ADHD called The Martial Arts Movement Program. Classes are supervised by Master Alty, who holds the title of grandmaster in the martial arts with 45 years teaching experience. He has taught children and adults of all type. He is also certified in Brain Gym, G-ojo Acupressure and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. Master Alty has been teaching people with physical and other challenges for more than 25 yrs. The program includes core and developmental strength exercises. The classes teach self-defense and karate training to help the students improve focus and concentration while learning how to succeed. In addition, the students learn and improve social interaction during the game and warm up part of the class. Skills learned are your space (how close to stand) and your friend’s space, taking turns and accepting and solving disagreements and cooperating with the group.

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$40.00 for 1 Months and workbook.

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Our school benefits:

  • Self-defense & self reliance
  • Small class size

  • Experienced Black Belt Instructors
  • Individual Attention
  • Character Development
  • Social Development Program (Play Learning)
  • Consistent Class Structure