New Horizon Karate has been teaching children’s karate classes for about 45 years. Each of our instructors holds a black belt. Our focus leans toward a pragmatic approach to self-defense and karate. And we put our students in real-world scenarios. 

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The simple answer is that everyone can benefit from karate. No matter your gender or age, it’s a good idea to learn how to defend yourself. But if you feel particularly vulnerable, karate could help you to learn how to defend yourself in certain situations. Along with physical training, a junior karate class may involve instruction on how to stay calm using strategies like slowing your breath. 

Who Can Benefit From Karate?

Why Choose New Horizon Karate?

Karate focuses on fighting and self-defense, but there is an aspect that focuses on how to improve yourself as an individual. When your child takes a junior karate class, they will learn self-defense techniques, such as how to counter-attack. They may also learn how to grow and develop who they are as a person. 

Because karate takes discipline and concentration, when a young person takes a karate class, they learn how to navigate in a hectic environment with poise. Are you interested in finding a children’s karate class in Worcester, MA? Give New Horizon Karate a call to get started.

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