Kerry O.   5/21/2018
I am so incredibly happy with my decision to sign my kids up at New horizon! We have been going here now for over a year and my daughter has advanced leaps and bounds. Mr. Alty is absolutely phenomenal with the children. He has so my patience with them but has a strict lesson plan of learning. I know I made the right choice in choosing New horizon karate! My kids have so much self confidence and discipline from karate and I am so proud of what they are learning! They also do awesome birthday party's that are way cheaper then anywhere else! We can't wait to have a birthday party here!

Ron B. - 12/2/2017
I cannot describe in mere words the impact Master Alty and his staff have had on both my kids over the last 2.5 years. The structure of learning/discipline/fun here, the consistency, kindness, and longevity of staff, and the attention to students is amazing. We originally went on a friend's recommendation, and I assumed it would last maybe the 2 free weeks at the time. 4 days later, we were signed up for life. I believe this experience will be one of the best long term decisions I've helped make with and for my kids. If you're looking for the highest quality of lessons-for-life you're going to find, this is your Dojo.

Rochelle P. - 8/11/2015
"Master Alty is phenomenal with kids. He's very patient and can be fun, yet get the kids to learn and enjoy martial arts. For adults, they offer karate as well as kickboxing, which has been my go-to exercise of late and it's a really fun class that gets you sweating."

Allison T. - 9/29/2014
"New Horizon has many classes for all ages, levels and abilities. Master Alty has been able to balance discipline, safety and fun for all those participating in the many classes offered in his facility."

Jennifer G. - 1/4/2015
"My daughter has been attending New Horizon for a few months now and she absolutely loves it. The instructors are amazing with the kids. We'll be attending for a long time"

For additional questions, please feel free to contact us at (508) 852-3333.


Q: What Equipment is Required?
A: - All males must wear GROIN PROTECTION. This is the Parent's & Student's responsibility! If you need one we have them in stock for $15.00+tax.
- Yellow Belt students & above need bag gloves for bag work!
- ALL students must have full set of sparring gear to Spar! Students should begin to spar at Orange Belt or before.

Q: Do You Sell The Equipment I Need?
A: Yes! We sell all equipment approved by our insurance company. We only sell quality equipment and stand by what we sell. See our special.

Q: Who Is Responsible for Attendance?
A: Attendance is student's responsibility

Q: Are There Additional Fees?
A: - $15.00 Late FEE on payment 1 week past due
- $35.00 Bounced Check FEE

Q: How Do I Cancel?
A: There is a 30 day written cancellation policy for Billing Service.

Q: Can I Wear Jewelry?
A: No jewelry – Wedding rings, small ear rings & religious necklaces are OK. We are not responsible for damage, injury or breakage.

Q: What Do I Wear To Class?
A: - Students Testing must have Full Uniform
- In class: uniform pants, belt and (New Horizon T-Shirts only) instead of uniform top is allowed.
- Students must be clean and neat for class.
- Students cannot mix FULL uniform colors.
- Any student wishing to come to the sparring classes must have FULL GEAR or they can't spar! Students should begin to spar at Orange Belt or before.

Q: What Do I Do If I or My Child Is Having A Hard Time?
A: We suggest you try a few private lessons from time to time. Private lessons can help students get over a difficult time. Everyone needs special help from time to time. Private lessons can be purchased as a single class or in groups of 2 or 4 classes and can be schedule at mutual convenience.


 Congratulations to
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Mr. Dwyer accepted to college in Vermont

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